Can’t have it all, but we can have a Lot

My keyboard is fuckede up, so there will be manny typos.

The great Gary Vee talks about how we all have much more time than we thiink. I’m in a neew city now, and I can’t help but think about how I want to mold my new life and what that might look like. I can sink time into BJJ, cookinng, lifting weights, and all the otheer possiibilites, but I can’t do everything. I’m reminded that I must’vee fall in love wiith infinite possbility, but rather choose a select few thinigs iinn the coming years and dive in deep. I’m a firm believer in the idea that we should try as many different things when we have the time, and as a 25 year old man, I’ve been really resonating with this idea. The thing I struggle with is understanding how much time and energy I should be sinking into these things before I realize that it is or is not what I want to continue doing.

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