Current Challenges

I will use this page to track the progress of my current life challenges. I will attempt to explain why I am doing each challenge and what I hope to gain from them.


AllofPaul: The publication of this website is an example of a challenge itself. I’m using this website as a way to express my thoughts. This is a challenge because it isn’t always very comfortable exposing my thoughts on this website- especially when I am not in a good mood. I strive for complete honesty and sometimes feel vulnerable to judgments. The benefit comes from looking back at past posts and understanding the mindset inhabited at those times.



Daily Meditation: The benefits of a daily meditation practice are many. With consistent practice, I noticed increased happiness, stronger feelings of empathy, and the ability to stay calm and focused in what used to be high pressure situations.

Cold Showers: Like meditation, once I got into the habit of taking cold showers, I noticed an increase in mood and energy.

Alcohol Abstinence: Staying sober for at least 2 months. Not a single drink until 1/24/17.

Previous Challenges

30-day Comfort Zone Challenge: I attempted to get outside my comfort zone every day for 30 days. This challenge was designed to help me experience what life has to offer outside my comfort zone. An entire blog post was written detailing my experience.