2019 in Reflection

2019 was the year I put my head down and grinded hard. I ran over 150 miles, got the job that I worked hard for, and it was the year I moved out of my parent’s home.

I’d preface this by saying I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I think motivation may ignite you to do something, but is fleeting. Discipline is what I am after. I believe in starting your resolution now, today.

Noteworthy achievements:

  • Choosing a job that I felt I would be challenged by instead of working remote at home.
  • 100+ day google sheets logging workouts/money spent/calories in/sleep/etc… this is a long list. I went to the gym or did a workout at a park for 90/100 days. I put on 20 pounds, and made sure I hit my calorie goal each day. 30 consecutive days at the gym, with each repetition logged on a separate google sheet.
  • 30~ days of recording myself solve algorithms and data structures questions via camera and tripod. Posting on to Youtube and showing others how I solve these questions.
  • Giving back. I signed up to volunteer at a Boys and Girls Club. I taught a martial arts class to children, and am signed up to continue volunteering. It was a lot of fun.
  • Being vulnerable with women. I started dating again! There are so many attractive women in SF.
  • Keeping an open-mind. I tried random classes like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, continued taking kickboxing/boxing classes, etc. I will try more!
  • Being me better. For a long time in my life, I struggled to be unapologetically myself. I didn’t want to offend anyone or make people uncomfortable, but I can see myself growing out of that way of thinking, and I’m happier as a result.

Insert David Goggins quote here. I don’t like running, but I treated it as mental training and good exercise. 152 tracked miles ran this year.


Me 20lbs heavier than the running picture, lifting weights and eating like a monster. +20lbs in 4 months, it’s a nice mixture of muscle, fat and water.


Cool buildings/street a block from where I live.


Golden Gate Bridge view from Crissy Park! I was here on a date to see the Blue Angels fly over.

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