Law of Attraction

It was one of the first recurring themes I learned about during the start of my personal development journey nearly two years ago. It was a concept I could understand, but had difficulty understanding it’s presence in my life.

All that has been cleared now, as I have found the more I focused on the things I cared about, the more I found amazing people appear before me.

Without looking up any definitions, I’ll state what I believe to be the Law of Attraction that you may hear about from famous philosophers or writers. I think it is difficult to understand these things when under the context of nebulous terms such as “energy” or “spirit.” I favor simplicity, and like Scott Adams, I believe the best writing is one that is easy to understand and without clutter.

The LoA is a thing that governs all of our actions. It begins with the thought that is placed into our heads. Now thoughts come and go as they please, and other thoughts either nudge us to act on a thought, or to dismiss it until it is gone or comes again. These thoughts that make it through our first line of defense, begin to form into new things called habits. These habits begin to manifest into our lives, and form the basis of what we call reality. I don’t claim this to be my own idea, I know I’ve come upon this sort of definition in some sort of philosophical medium in the past.

With this knowledge, we have developed a heightened sense of awareness. We know that our thoughts govern our realities. The next logical step is to nurture our thoughts so that we pump out higher quality realities. Tony Robbins talks about the importance of priming your state so that you are in peak mental condition to form good thoughts. B.J. Novak considers being in a good mood is the most important part of his creative process. The example of avoiding buying groceries when hungry comes to mind. You are in a lesser state when hungry and sleepy, so you should aim to heighten your state before making decisions.

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