Next Chapters

As I move into this chapter of my life, I step outside of my seemingly static past year. This past year was filled with a spurts of self-fulfillment and growth. I spent a lot of time to myself, and worked on my craft to iron out the person that I want to be. I understand better the things that are important to me.

I have a weird relationship with social media. I believe that it is possible to use it effectively in a healthy manner, to build a better lifestyle,  but just as easy to use it to fuel toxic, hypocritical behaviour. A lot of posturing goes on, and it makes me think about how far people derive from the reality of our existence. Often times the ones who find the most success are the ones who are the best fakers.

So as I have reached 25 years of age, I demand upon myself MORE discipline, welcome MORE responsibility, and to demand courage upon myself even on the lowest of lows. To foster mentorships from battle-tested veterans such as Goggins, and to harness an iron-will forged through grit and hard work.

I’m not interested in your Instagram filters, and I don’t worship any other human being. We all bleed equally, and I think people place other people on a pedestal because it makes them feel better about themselves. People tell themselves, Kobe is a GOD, and I’ll never be like him, but the reality is that these people just don’t understand their own capability. Some say that Goggins is crazy, but what if he isn’t? What if you are just saying that as a reason to be mediocre and stay complacent? We are all capable of more, and it irritates me when people make excuses as to why they can’t do this or that.

In this next chapter of my life, I’m taking these thoughts with me. I’m understanding that being different is good, and that I need to live life on my own terms, and not care as much about what others think of me. Growing up in a Korean household, this was the complete opposite of what was taught of me. It was a lot of listening to others and fitting the mold, but I’m learning more about what it means to be me. An ongoing challenge, but one that is inevitable as well as necessary.

What you can be you must be.

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