I spent the last 20 minutes skimming through most of my blog posts on this site. I’ll write on my reflection having read my previous posts.

The underlying problem I that comes up relates with my incessant self-doubt and monkey mind chatter that discourages progress. Not to worry though, I am optimistic that my daily routines will steadily improve upon this situation.

I’ve been reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss for a couple of days now and ingesting media from entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk. Upon reading the section regarding wealth in Tim’s book, I stumbled upon the importance of playing the “long game.” It is as it sounds: to stop revolving life around immediate and short-term gains and to anticipate the long-term investment. Gary reiterates when he tells young professionals that he thinks their biggest problem is expecting huge returns in small amounts of time.

The parallels between what Tim and Gary had mentioned allow for me to look at my life with gained perspective. Put simply, I realize now that I have had difficulty playing the long-game. Perhaps due to my youthful immaturity, I was incapable of  drawing out how I would reach my long-term goals. My whole life had been revolving around an abundance of small, short-term gains and a negligible amount of things that I cared for in the long-term. I had been wanting instant gratification and mastery over things. These yearnings led to a depression because they were nearly impossible to obtain with the knowledge I had at the time.

Voila, Eureka!

The recurring lesson that has been pounded into my head over my break is this: the value of persistence and hard-work. I’ve been reminded of these important values through means of conversation and reading material. I am confident in my ability to use this knowledge to make abundant and small strides towards my inevitable long-term growth!

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