30 Day Challenge

Today marks the first day of my 30 day challenge. During this time, I will attempt to complete 30 different challenges that place me outside of my comfort zone. This challenge will be documented through Snapchat.

I’m doing this challenge because I believe that I can grow as a person, experience new things, and gain valuable insight for the future. I’ll be doing this challenge with my buddy Mau, and we will try to keep ourselves and each other accountable.

I’m both excited and extremely terrified of the following 29 days. They say that habits take 2 weeks to form. My attempt is to form this new habit of finding comfort in what are usually uncomfortable situations for me. I’m going to be juggling many things during this time, but I expect this challenge to improve all areas of my life. I think it will be vital for me to be mindful of the things I am trying to accomplish- so that I am aware of where I am being inefficient and how to maximize my development.

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