Gamification of Life

This concept of gamification has been known to me for some time. I didn’t have a word for it, but after conversations with Marco and other interesting people, I can finally put a word to it. The concept is applying a “game system” to things to make them more interesting. This is can be in the form of adding a point-> reward system to applications like Snapchat, facebook, etc.

During middle school, I used to skip dinners to create mini-games in a popular game called Warcraft 3. One of my favorite things to create was a unit that would start the game very weak, but over time, these units would come to be the strongest in the game. These units had very high potential, but a lot of care and time was needed for the player to unlock these unit’s potential.

Lately, I’ve been adopting this mindset to life. Today, I made a breakthrough in thinking about my potential. Taking into consideration my conversations with Mau and my own introspection, I realize parallels between me and those same units that I created many years ago. The more I talk with others, the more I realize that I have something of immense value to offer the world.

I offer a fresh perspective to others, and I need to continue to invest in my well-being through constant learning so that I can increase the quality of life for those around me.

It is the responsibility I choose to take unto myself.


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