What matters most?

I’m thinking about this important question today because I feel that I need to take some sort of massive action. I’ve been pretty comfortable these past couple of weeks and I feel that change should be made. I’ve been writing for some time, but I haven’t really freewrote. I’m going to try and continue writing this with little to no hesitation. The point being trying to find out what would be the right move to make. Do I want to quit school? What would I do after? What makes me most uncomfortable? I could move to another city and try to pick myself up elsewhere. What marketable skills do I have? Should I start my own business? What business would I start? Do I scrap the savings I have and go travel? I’m not sure. It makes most sense to stay in school and figure these things out. I just don’t want to settle, but it seems like I’m not sure what it is I want to do for sure just yet. I’ll try and keep these things in mind, but I think the right move would be to continue school.

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