Growth Mindset

How different life might be, if we focus more on growth, to face our fears and to realize the potential growth in things, rather than the bad that might happen. This is very much related to my last post on the dichotomy in things. We should realize the bad that might happen, so that we are not naive to the evils of the world, but in a world where this is reminded to us all too often, we should make a conscious effort to recognize the growth that we might recognize.

How often have we planned on doing something that we initially thought were good ideas, but after thinking about all that could go wrong, we have a change of heart. In my personal experience, I am honestly admit how often this was the case. Instead of taking ACTION, I have crippled myself through a paralysis by analysis.

As I grow older and wiser, I recognize the importance of ACTION over QUESTION. Yes, there is a balance here to be made, but nothing gets without ACTION. I can talk about how things should or will be, but talk is cheap. I’m more conscious of how I should take ACTION over thinking too much about things at this time of my life.

Next week I will be volunteering at a Boys & Girls Club, teaching martial arts. I’ve always been interested in working with kids, as well as martial arts, so I signed up for volunteering orientation, and clicked to sign up for the event.


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