Saturday Afternoon Thoughts

Here I will attempt to reach into my depths and free-write about the things that make up my present life.

We live for these moments of pure ecstasy. For some strange reason, I feel that so many people work very hard and destroy themselves in hopes to have their 1 moment of happiness for every month of grueling labor. I don’t want to live this life. Starting now, I’m going to attempt to find greatness and the miracle in everything around me. I find that it’s especially hard to do when inebriated or when I take on too many things at once. Being overwhelmed is something that I don’t want. But this is not to say that I want to become lazy and/or complacent. I strive to work hard, focusing strongly on one thing at a time, and challenging myself this way. I think the key is to change the mindset I have.

Previously mentioned in my past blogs, life is innately chaotic. Seemingly random things are bound to happen. If we are able to accept this law of nature, we can find satisfaction and beauty in all things around us. Instead of panicking about the things we can’t control, we have a responsibility to ourselves to make the conscious choice to embrace all the mysteries of life. This way of thinking is sustainable. You are less prone to panic attacks and feelings of anxiety.

In every moment we are the best versions of ourselves.

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