Challenging myself

I’ve made it a point to challenge myself in all aspects of my life lately more so than in the past. Today this was evidenced in making the effort to call Jenn, talking to both Mony and Chyna, and to push myself in the gym. I’ve learned again the importance of keeping a smile and letting go of past grudges or feelings. It feels better to see everyone in a good light, and to keep my life interesting.

My days seem to become less productive towards the night however. I feel I need to fix some new challenges of my own to perform better. I need to set up a rigorous study schedule so that I can excel in my classes. It feels like my life is on a bit of a hold in that regard because I feel like I’m on crutches without my main laptop. This shouldn’t be the case. I should be proactive as possible and begin doing some coding on this laptop. I’m going to pause my writing and do so NOW. I’ll have to update my computer first and I don’t want to do that without finish my blog! Tomorrow it is!

This just reminds me of something I wrote on Reddit today about personal development. Sometimes you make promises, but the very nature of life is very chaotic and random things are bound to happen that you just cannot expect! It’s no problem though, this should not discourage people from making promises! I think it’s important to remember this.

Though I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked to be, I got a lot of done and finished a couple of challenges I set for myself.

“Demand more from yourself than anyone can ever expect!”

-Tony Robbins

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