Constant Reflection

This weekend I had the honor of visiting my professor’s home for the first time. They were extremely gracious enough to have me over for Dakuo’s PhD celebration. As I stood by Gary and Dakuo exchanging thoughts about what they learned over the course of 5+ years, I realized that a mentorship is so valuable because of it’s inherent WIN-WIN nature. Gary mentioned how much he learned in his effects to teach Dakuo, and Dakuo trying to match expectations and challenge himself to achieve great heights.  I was also reminded of how insecure I felt in this environment. I had a feeling that these people were all smarter than I was and that I would be judged for any false step I took. The more quickly I let go of this mentality the better. I haven’t felt this way with my peers in so long, but I did not know most of these people, and it felt like I was walking on coals at times.

I can’t help but think about why Jen(n) hasn’t texted me back. We had a great dinner with good conversation. She initiated a dialogue by telling me how much of a great time she had and thanked me for inviting her. Maybe I’ll hear from her soon, but I don’t want to press on after sending her texts already. Maybe I’ll run into her on campus sometime. It’s fun going on dates and thinking about where I could have performed better. I challenge myself to go on a date every week with someone new.

Another challenge I give myself is to dedicate every end of each blog to gratitude training. In the last post, I discussed the gratitude I felt towards people I saw on that day, but I haven’t seen many people I know today so I will share my gratitude to those who come to mind. I am thankful for Eric again for constantly inviting me to the things that he is doing. I love having a friend like that. Daniel lent me some BTC today so I could play around with it. I talked to Vinny, Stephen, and Travis over FB and am planning to see them in the coming weekend. Thankful for my professors again for having me over last night and for Dakuo who has helped shape my outlook on life. He is consistent with his happiness which makes for him to be a fun person to be around.


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