Mr Ferriss

The most impactful mentor I’ve had lately has been the master-class student known by the name of Timothy Ferriss. From him, I have learned the value of optimization, and self-help, among other things. His material has helped me adopt a better type of lifestyle and has helped me see the world in a different light- as all good things do.

Ferriss offers guidance in many forms: podcasts, videos, books, etc. I think I’ve gained the most insight from his podcasts and his book “The 4 Hour Work Week.” His material has helped me to challenge the belief that I might not be able to reach the pinnacle of my potential or my goals.

He has proven many times over that there is a science to breaking down how to reach one’s goals. He is very analytical in his approach to problem-solving and strives to find the most efficient way to learn.

With this new added-skillset made possible by Ferriss’ material, I will continue to challenge my limits and achieve things people will only ever dream about. The key is to stay silly and chase excitement.

To remember that absolute commitment is the only way to create meaningful and lasting value.

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