As the school year nears, I become more uncertain of my future. I’m currently set to take 4 rigorous classes and juggle 2 jobs. I met with CEO and founder of Rain LLC today Marco Magalon and was impressed with the way he carried himself. He really embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that Matias and Alex both have. These guys are creatures of hard work and determination. They put many things on the line for the chance of getting a piece of the ephemeral pie.

I’ve been trying for some time to surround myself with individuals like them. To foster a mentor-mentee relationship and to symbiotically grow as a person. The goal is still to find fulfillment in what I do, but to not overwork myself. I fear school will take a huge chunk of my time, and prevent me from doing things I really want to do until I can get the sought-after degree.

Linking back to my previous post, I don’t know for sure exactly how my life is going to pan out. Oddly enough, I do have faith that things will work out exactly as they should. I think all the cards are going to be dealt and it’s up to me to optimize my life the way I see fit. I need to continue to feed positive things into my life and reap the benefits as time goes by.


Paul J. An

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