Massive Action

In the words of Tony Robbins. If you want to have a breakthrough moment, you need to be willing to take massive action. I can’t say that I have been taking massive action as of late, but I have been taking action. I realize the potential of a strong mind and how people reap the harvest of what thoughts they plant into their minds. Thinking good thoughts will expand into better thoughts and ultimately blossom into sustainable happiness and vitality of the mind, body and soul. The opposite can be said of wicked thoughts. There is more work I can do in this regard, but I know now what I must do to grow.

I also realize the dangers and importance of falling into boredom. It’s that period of time in which you don’t know what to do with your time. Do I strike up conversation with that stranger I’ve been seeing around? Do I indulge myself in random things to pass the time? Do I meditate on my thoughts or read a book? These moments are as vital as they are frequent. It’s no longer about doing what I want, but what I know I should be doing. It’s about aligning these two things.

It’s about the metamorphosis that I deeply desire to see in my life. It’s about challenging problems and picking myself up when the going gets rough. It’s about self-acceptance and tested determination. It’s the story of my life and all the ordeals I have gone through. The good and the bad. It’s everything that I have ever thought, eaten, and everyone I have ever met.  It’s about everything that exists in my world.

I declare now, that I have the courage to be me and to never relent in my pursuit of happiness and growth. I will develop myself as a moral human being and take into consideration all the guidance and love that I have felt from friends and family. I will do it not only for myself but for them as well. I will surprise others, but those that have had faith in me will not be surprised at what massive impact I will have on this world. It’s a somewhat unnerving feeling now, but I do have faith in my great potential.


hehe xd

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