I’m writing this post after watching Tony Robbin’s new documentary on netflix- Tony Robbins: I am not your Guru. It moved me to tears hearing the story of Sol- a 20 something year old woman who was raised to believe that it was God’s will to use her as a vessel for sex with others. I’m a little skeptical about whether or not some of them are paid actors (looking at you Lance), but I think there is an immense amount of value people can gain from listening to him speak.

For me, the biggest takeaway was to do things as they appear into thought. To roar like a lion and establish my stake in things when it is necessary, and not waiting for that “perfect” time to come. He pushes you to think about the core of your seemingly “small” problems and find out where and what it stems from.

Lately I’ve been running from my own problem. And that problem is the fear of success. It’s the fear of how far I think I might get. I find that it’s easy to try new things, but it’s hard to form habits when I think that those new things are good for me. I quickly find other distractions because that illusion of choice makes me realize that there must be something better out there. Or maybe this really does mean that I haven’t figured out my passion yet.

Ending on a good note. Today I was able to interact with my parents more than I have done in years. I engaged with them and really tried to make them laugh and converse with me more. Not surprisingly, I succeeded mostly due to their love for me, but my charm played a factor as well. Cheers to better days!


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